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A Bit About Rich

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Rich Linden has been a director, filmmaker and producer for numerous

radio and television programs in the Kansas City area for the past

twenty five years.  With a background in music, theatre, and dance,

he has been an innovator in producing radio and video

programs.  Using the best crews and talent in the city, he designs and

develops projects that are not only creative but of the highest quality. 


Rich's company, The Linden Group, specializes in

various media campaigns.  He has written and

produced for several local radio and television stations

and has appeared on the tv show "Party of Five." 

The Linden Group resume includes documentaries and promotional

videos for Project Neighborhood, Applebee’s Restaurants,

Heart of America Shakespeare Festival, The UMKC Video Network,

Federal Dept. of Justice, the Missouri State Governor's Office,

Teen Expo (TV and radio),Worlds of Fun Grad Night (in collaboration with

Bernstein-Rein), various political spots, MADD Red Ribbon Campaign, 

and promotions for several radio disc jockeys. 

Rich also wrote and produced a martial arts show

called "The Power Zone," which is running nationally.  He has also

worked with the National Youth Adult Alliance on Underage Drinking,

National TREND, the Missouri RYLA Academy, Camp Quality, Missouri  

Peer Helpers, National Association of Teen Institutes, Delta Zeta Sorority,

Camp Fire Boys and Girls, and the Midwest Chapter of Girl Scouts.  

He has directed several NAIA National Basketball Championships as well as producing music for ESPN’s National Drill Team Finals.

Nonprofit service and work is a part of his daily life. 

As a member of Rotary International, Rich served

in many roles and positions within the Kansas City

Plaza Rotary Club.  He currently serves as the

Curriculum Director for the Missouri Rotary Youth

Leadership Academy, an internationally acclaimed 

state-wide leadership program for high school

students.  He has 21 years with the program.


While raising his three children, Rich served as a PTA president for his

children’s elementary and middle school PTA chapters.  He has

been featured in articles for Our Children magazine, PTO Today 

and The Wall Street Journal.

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