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Our Awesome Clients


It's about connection.


Connecting with people is the "why"
we do what we do.

Rich is incredibly high energy. I would recommend him for any event.

--Dick S

Listens to what you want and executes the plan to perfection. Personality to jazz up an event but reads and matches any vibe.

--Rachel R

I've worked with Rich on several events over the years. He's prepared, professional, and passionate about doing an exceptional job. He knows music. He knows people. Rich is an excellent communicator and knows how to read a crowd in order to make any event he's a part of memorable.

--Chad L

Rich has the most enigmatic personality and brings energy leaving a lasting impression on everyone in the room. Powerful and professional. Five stars all day.

--Carrie D

I have worked along side Rich and the Linden Group for over 10 years. Whether it be a small group of kiddos celebrating 5th grade or a crowd of 20,000 people at a centennial celebration, he is extremely engaging and high energy! 

--Jenn N

Rich ran KC Games for Good (mostly virtual). He worked so hard on the games, was very organized and was available to the participants anytime over the three weeks. We had so much fun and it was due to all his hard work and fun attitude for the entire event.

--Jessie S 

Rich is flat out awesome. He turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Just his enthusiasm alone makes any event he’s part of incredible. I highly recommend him to make any event better!

--Ken C

from the moment you meet Rich Linden you know you are in the presence of greatness. From watching Rich build his business to seeing him in action where ever it may be, Rich's passion for pleasing his audience shines bright.

--Steve W

Rich has successfully managed several race events for me. He is organized, well-spoken, entertaining, kind and a joy to have manage our entertainment needs. I can always count on him and would recommend him over and over.

--Courtney N

Service minded. The difference that sets them apart. Complete and total dedication to the client, crowd, and sponsors.

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