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Meet The Linden Group


Rich Linden's professional background in radio, television, film, music, theater and dance has led him to places around the world with all kinds of versatile organizations.  His resume includes over 25 years of experience of successfully engaging, entertaining

and creating inclusive sporting events, festivals and nonprofit occasions, celebrating and unifying the community.

Want to get everyone's undivided attention?  Want to create a inclusive space for your audience or event attendees?  See for yourself.  Rich has an uncanny ability to enter a room and engage any type of audience in any situation, drawing from his resume of skills as a DJ, fundraising specialist, entertainer, master of ceremonies and keynote speaker.

A professional DJ/Emcee since 1998, Rich has played music for over a million people worldwide.  In 2006, combining his love for sports with his voice and musical talents to begin his PA Announcing career.  Spanning from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to the Kansas City Royals (MLB) to NASCAR racing, Rich continues to work with some of the biggest national organizations to product and direct world-class events.

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Rich Linden-Founder and Owner


A Top Notch Production Team

When you collaborate with The Linden Group, you not only get a master of production and entertainment with Rich Linden, you gain access to his full service, in house roster of talent and network of event professionals.  

From videographers, announcers, interns, photographers and local vendors, whether large scale or small ala carte choices, the Linden Group production team delivers top shelf quality every time.  

"Rich Linden is so passionate and energetic and has done amazing things. 

If you want to see a true agent of good in the world, follow Rich."

Randy Steinman, R.L. Steinman and Associates
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